Volkan Beer

Volkan Beer beer comes in 3 flavours. Blonde Pilsner, Black Wheat Lager and White Weiss

Santorini has a very unique, almost waterless agricultural system and what the local farmers produce is very intense in flavour and aromas but very limited in quantity. In developing Volkan, the best ingredients for brewing were needed. To create an exquisite tasting Greek beer we brought together key raw materials from Santorini and nearby Naxos Island. The first and most important ingredient is the rare Santorini honey and then the ancient citrus medica essence from Naxos

Santorini honey: At the end of the summer, the bees of Santorini feast on a very special crop. Courtesy of the makers of the island’s sweet wine (vinsanto), tons of wine grapes are left out in the sun to mature, letting the bees indulge on their sucrose. This grape honey, with its uniquely and intensely local flavour is added near the end of the brewing process, to ensure that its flavour is fully preserved.

Citrus medica: Citron, often green when ripe, has very little juice but a powerful aroma and taste, distinct from other citruses. The citron essences for volkan brews are harvested by local artisans from the roughly two thousand trees remaining on Naxos, using methods that date back several centuries.

Lava rock filter: The water with which a beer is brewed lends a lot to the taste of the beer itself. However, Santorini ground water is scarce and no longer suitable for brewing, due to its high salinity. Thus, in order to create authentic Santorini style water, we have taken basalt from the eruption of 1600 BC, rich in native minerals and created a special filter, developed exclusively for Volkan, through which all of our brew water is passed.